Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yard Sale-ing

Well, it's been a long time since I blogged but have taken Raechel's challenge at "Finding My Feet" and decided to post this morning on my yard sale bargains. We went to a neighborhood where 25 families were having yard sales. We went to five or six to begin and found NOTHING. We were disappointed and wondered why in the world we'd gotten up at 6:30 a.m. for this. Then we struck pay dirt! and did we ever! Went to a house that was advertising "Moving Sale" and looked around outside where all we found was this pretty metal flower holder with pretty orange daisies in it for $2.00. Started to walk off and I heard someone ask if the sale was inside the house also. "YES" it was so in we went. Looked in the kitchen area and a lady told us to pick up a shopping bag and we could have everything we could get in the bag for $15. She didn't know that we are master "stuff-stuff-in-bags-baggers." We started picking up interesting looking stuff and this is what we got in our bag.It's a little difficult to see in the photos but in that $15 bag, I stuffed a used once Pampered Chef cookie sheet ($23 new), a slightly used muffin tin, 3 silver picture frames, a Pampered Chef bamboo bowl ($19 new), a leather photo frame shaped like a dog bone, 12 bottles of candy flavoring (never opened), a pepper grinder full of red pepper flakes (found on web for $30), a water bottle, a little ceramic heart-shaped jewelry keeper, three new Brazilian cilantro scented candles from Target ($8 for the large and $5 each for the two small) to use in my newly decorated with seafoam and brown bathroom, two white filigre candle holders (new price still on bottom ($8 each), a stainless steel omelet pan, two stainless steel canisters ($15) one full of coffee and one full of popcorn ready to pop, and a pack of "make your own bubbles" ready for the grandchildren who are coming home from Brazil next month. Then we found a stack of books and a CD that the man let us have all for $2. I was going to buy one of the books (My Sister's Keeper $16.00 new) for $1 and was looking at the CD (Martina MacBride Christmas new for $13.98) contemplating it for $1 when he told me I could have everything for $2. YEA. It was a great morning and I even came home with $7 out of the money I had allotted for the yard sale. I think I did ok. After that we had a wonderful waffle breakfast at Waffle House. YUM...their coffee is THE best. Now I'm ready for a nap.