Friday, April 25, 2008

Twenty-one Things I've Loved about My First Week in Brazil

1) Being with Kristy, Demps, Duncan, Meg and Kate
2) Hearing Kate ask God's blessing on our food
3) Açai with bananas and granola
4) Guarana
5) Black beans, rice and vinegrette
6) Pinto beans, rice and vinegrette
7) Josie and watching Maggie try to talk to her
8) Riding with Kristy while she drives like she is in a race at LeMans
9) Having Meg sit on my lap
10) Watching Duncan do his homework.
11) Being within "walking distance"
12) Seeing the grandchildren in their school uniforms
13) Going to the flower fair

14) Pao de Queijo
15) Being with other Campus Outreach staff
16) Seeing Tim relax
17) The internet phone so I can keep in touch with home
18) Massages, pedicures, manicures and haircuts
19) Did I happen to mention beans, rice and vinegrette
20) The gorgeous weather
21) Rio de Janeiro