Friday, July 11, 2008

A Bunch of Randomness

None of these things are connected but I thought I'd get my racing thoughts down on paper:

  • I really really don't like bad grammar or bad spelling. Please don't use their for they're; accept for except and vice-versa. Please do use I before E except after C. The plural of berry is not berry's; it's not even's berries. That brings up another pet peeve. Don't use a plural apostrophe unless it is possessive. The plural of interest is interests not interest's. Don't use fill when you mean feel.

  • I love being a grandmother. I've had my grandchildren for a few days this week while parents are out of town and it's been great. We've had FUN. Having young ones in the house this week has "livened up" the place. We went to the community pool yesterday and it was fun to pretend to be young again.

  • I love days off work. I've enjoyed yesterday afternoon and today being home with the grandchildren. Not a planned vacation but a spur of the moment "I'm gonna stay home with the kids today."

  • My flowers are so pretty right now. The gerbera daisies, petunias, portulaca and lantana are all in full bloom. Thank you, God, for the gift of beautiful flowers.
  • I love playing scrabulous and scrabble; in fact, I love word games of every kind. I love to work crossword puzzles, play pathwords and text twirl. I have several friends and a sister who love it as much as I do and we have fun!
  • I don't like car air conditioners that won't work. Mine has been "broken" since last summer. The mechanic told me it would be $1200 to repair and my car isn't worth that much :) sooo.....I've been trying to survive without. It ain't fun.
  • Speaking of cars, I also don't like $4/gallon gas. What are we gonna do?
  • I love the smile of a little girl who just got out of bed :)...Kate! I don't like the cough she's had in the middle of the night.
  • I'm excited about vacation July 19-26. The whole family with the exception of Charlie who can't get off work, is going to the beach and staying here. We're gonna have FUN!
  • My sisters are my best friends. I'm so grateful that we are a close family. We love each other and would do anything for each other. I can't imagine life without either of them. I love you, Bibby and Kathy.
  • The hummingbirds at my feeders have been beautiful and abundant. I love watching them stop in mid-air to take a sip.
  • I don't like dirty dishes sitting in the sink. Maggie promised when she moved in with us that she would unload the dishwasher if I would load it. She's fallen down on her end of the bargain!
  • I really pray that all my spelling and grammar is correct in this post. It would really embarrass me if I've messed up after #1 above :).