Friday, September 19, 2008

Some Ram Dumb Things About Me

Just saw on one of my favorite websites,, that somebody had begun a thread so people could list random things about themselves. It gave me an idea. Now most of you who read this are my kin and/or bosom buddies so I'm going to try to come up with things that you won't already know.

  • I love being by myself. Maybe that's because I rarely am!
  • I'd rather listen than talk.
  • My favorite color is red; my least favorite color is blue.
  • I love word games. OK, ok, you already knew that.
  • I always thought when we were growing up that I was adopted and my "real" mother lived in Hawaii and feared she would come to get me to live with her.
  • When I was a child, I dreamed (many times) that I was on a zip line of the power lines and being chased by flying witches. What in the world is the deep meaning of that dream?
  • My favorite author is Karen Kingsbury and I'm so excited about "Sunset" coming out next week. OK, you already knew that too.
  • I have gone the entire summer through 106 degree weather with no AC in my car AND the automatic window "roller-downer" on both sides is broken. Yep, I'm cooked well-done.
  • I love our church family.
  • I eat my bananas over-ripe.
  • I like Pepsi better than Coke...drink only Diet Pepsi...Love Diet Pepsi MAX...think Coke tastes like a medicine I had to take as a child.
  • In my mind I am organized. In reality, I am not.
  • I love summer because I love to wear sandals. Hasn't always been this way though. I once wouldn't wear sandals because I thought my toes were ugly. They still are ugly but I've gotten over it.
  • I would love to become a minimalist. I hate clutter.
  • I can change a flat tire, change the oil on a car, change out electrical sockets, install light fixtures, and fix leaky faucets...all because I had to do it when Don couldn't see to do it.
  • I never drove in the mountains or drove in snow until I had to do it for the same reason.
  • If I'm shopping with someone else, I have to be the buggy pusher.
  • I collect angels, especially Willow Tree and Jim Shore.
  • I love fall mornings with the faint scent of woodsmoke in the air.
  • I get really really angry when window shopping.
  • This one will be long...for years and years and years, I have had hard, dry, cracked, drive-me-crazy heels. I have used every over-the-counter remedy and even a prescription (Keralac) that the dermatologist gave me, all to no avail. This spring we were at the flower festival in Hendersonville and a family from Stone Mtn, GA were there selling pure shea butter. Now, I've used shea products like lotion and cream before (they didn't work), but never pure shea butter. I'm here to tell you that it is a miracle product. I first went for a pedicure where Erin removed as much as she could of the dry dead skin. Then for about 2-3 weeks, morning and night, I would rub my feet with the shea butter. Now, I only use the butter at night and my feet are as soft as a baby's bottom. About every 2 weeks, I also use one of those sander things when I'm in the shower in the morning. Ah, blessed relief!
  • In my mind, I'm still 40 years old but my body is screaming otherwise.
  • Mama thought when I was a child, that I wouldn't live to adulthood. I was a puny, sickly child. She said that once when they drew blood from me that it looked like orange kool-aid.
  • The waist of my wedding dress in 1963 was 22"!
  • I hate grocery shopping. I hate putting groceries away when I get home more.
  • I'm really really grateful for a husband who does most of the grocery shopping.
  • I'd rather drive than ride.
  • I love long trips.

That's all I can think of for now...if I come up with more, look for Ram Dumb Part II.