Friday, October 24, 2008

Me with You

I dare say, I don't have too many grandpas who read my blog but I know I do have some grandmothers, soon-to-be grandmothers and mothers so listen up...If you are a grandparent, if you had a grandparent, if you know anybody who is a grandparent, or especially if you know children who have (or wish they had) a grandparent, then go to and pre-order Kristy's (my daughter's) new children's book which will be out in May 2009. If you're not a grandparent and there is just someone in your life who "completes" you...that you just wouldn't be the person you are without them...then buy Me With You for him or her. The book flap reads:
"We're a pair beyond compare,
a rare and special two,
in all the ways that I am me
and you're completely you.

Here is a special twosome. From tea time to game time, in singing or swinging, in the good times and even the grumpy ones, too, this granddaughter knows her grandpa loves her. Indeed, they are a 'pair beyond compare.'

With simple rhymes and delightfully charming illustrations, Me with You celebrates the sure love that comes from a grandfather and grandchild who dare to be 'completely themselves' while knowing that together -- they are even more!"

Don't you just love the term "sure love?" I know I do and that's exactly what a grandparents love for a grandchild is...SURE HEART-MELTING LOVE. I've seen the illustrations for the whole book and they are absolutely exquisite. You will definitely want a copy of this book and several to give away to friends that have children (or those that don't). Pre-order now at and let all your friends know to do the same.

(If you go to amazon to pre-order, author is listed as "Kristin Dempsey")