Friday, September 11, 2009

Fun Friday

What a great, fabulous, fun and all the other "great" adjectives" day I've had. Earlier in the week, I had seen a craigslist ad for a garage sale that began today. Well, normally I have to work on Friday but decided I'd take a day of vacation since a retired INTERIOR DESIGNER was having the sale. WOW! I couldn't miss this one. It was a great sale and I wish I'd been a little earlier and a little faster on grabbing things. I saw several things that I wanted that other people bought before I got my hands on them. However, I did score ok and wanted to post my fun Friday finds; who knows? I may go again tomorrow too :-).

This morning, I got 2 - insulated lunch bags - .50 & .25 each. Normally these wouldn't even have caught my eye but I've been trying to take lunch from home rather than eating out so much so I thought these would be really handy; and, you can't beat the price~

I love, love, love to read but have never listened to a whole audio book. This yard sale had lots of audio books and I thought I'd give it a try. I bought a Roasmund Pilcher Collection of 3 audio books (The White Birds (story), The Shell Seekers, Coming Home) for .50. If I don't like listening to a book, I'm not out very much $$. (Disregard the dogs butt in the pic; she lives here and obviously gets to sleep wherever she wants.)

A few months ago, Tim came home from a walk with a beautiful bird nest. We've had it in a plastic ziploc bag to kill any creepy crawlies that might have been living in it but it's been long enough now that we can bring it out, I think. I've kinda had my eye out for something to hold the birdnest and today I found it. A large vase with a metal base and a metal ring around the top for $3. The metal part was greenish metal so before I came home, I went to WM and bought some oiled bronze finish paint and painted the base and metal ring. It looks great. When I get the birds nest in it, I'll post another pic.

I have a beautiful stained glass piece that we bought in Brazil that hangs on the hallway wall outside our bedroom. It is fine there but I thought it needed "company" and had thought about wrought iron candleholders. Guess what I found for $1 got it. Two wrought iron candleholders. Can't wait to get them hung.

I needed a spoon rest; found one for $1. I collect pottery pitchers; found one for $2. My laundry room needs organizing and I found some baskets to go on the shelves in the laundry room for $1 each. I'd wanted a PB style shelf to hang in the newly decorated "by the sea" bathroom and found one for $2. Found a little tiara for the granddaughter for .25.

After Maggie moved out, I'd bought a day bed to go in her room. That room is a project in process but I knew I wanted some small tables for lamps at each end of the bed. I found two small tables that may be plant stands that I've already given a coat of black spray paint and they look GREAT. I have some small crystal lamps that will be perfect on these little black jewels. Can't wait to finish that room up now.

And for the tuck and run find of the day...Forever and ever and ever, I've wanted a decorative birdcage. They are SOOOOOO expensive and couldn't ever see myself paying $75-$150 for one. As soon as I saw the birdcage, I knew I had to have it. Asked how much it was and got it for $10!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure it would be about $150 in a decorator's shop. YEA! I'm so excited.

Thanks to Raechel Myers for encouraging us to share our bargains with each other at Finding My Feet. She finds some great buys! Go check our Raechel's Saturday finds and then post yours too.