Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Our Heritage

For my family who checks in here occasionally, I thought you would like to see these photos. I've been working on them in photoshop, taking out the creases and "dirt" stains. Enjoy!

Beulah Lee Bates Stroud, mother of Oscar Lee Stroud

(back row) Lillie Mae Stroud Bridges, Floyd McDuffie Stroud, father of Oscar Lee Stroud, Beulah Lee Bates Stroud, Kathryn Bryant Gossett Stroud, Adith Richardson Stroud, wife of James Stroud
(front row) Morris Stroud, Norwood Bridges, husband of Lillie Mae holding, Norma Jean Bridges, Oscar Lee (Flip) Stroud holding Elizabeth Lee Stroud, Mays Stroud, and James Stroud.

George Bryant Gossett, Sr., father of Kathryn Bryant Gossett Stroud

Mary Gossett(Cartee-left) and Kathryn Bryant Gossett (Stroud-right)

Nora Elizabeth Whitted Gossett, mother of Kathryn Bryant Gossett Stroud

Front Row (L-R): Billy Cartee, son of Mary (Gossett)and Ray Cartee, Uncle ?, Jean Cartee, daughter of Mary and Ray Cartee, Uncle Harmon, George Bryant Gossett (Grandpa), holding Martha Anne Stroud, daughter of Kathryn Gossett Stroud, and Elizabeth Lee Stroud, daughter of Kathryn Gossett Stroud

Back Row (L-R): Nora Elizabeth Whitted Gossett, Mary Gossett Cartee, Aunt?, Kathryn Gossett Stroud, and Aunt ?.

Nora Elizabeth Whitted Gossett, George Bryant Gossett, Kathryn Gossett (on right knee) and Mary Gossett (on left knee)

George Bryant Gossett, Nora Elizabeth Whitted Gossett