Thursday, May 15, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

What is a Random Act of Kindness? Simply put, it is an intentional act of kindness that you can demonstrate towards another person where they encounter the love of Jesus Christ through you. (

A few years ago, I was on my way to work when the lure of Burger King called my name and I wheeled into the drive-thru. I order and pulled to the rear of a line of about 4-5 cars. After sitting in line a few minutes, I noticed that a friend from church was in the drive-thru ahead of me. We waved to each other and after she paid and was handed her breakfast, she drove on off toward her job at Kemet. I pulled up to the window and started to hand the cashier my money for breakfast, she said my breakfast had been paid for by my friend who was already headed to work. What a pleasant surprise that random act of kindness was!

Christmas of 1995, Maggie and Charlie had settled into our family and Charlie was attending Northwest Middle School. He rode the school bus through Travelers Rest and past a trailer park every morning. Most mornings and afternoons he saw a bed-ridden man lying in a hospital bed and being cared for by his elderly wife. Often, she would have the curtains pulled back so the man could watch the world pass by. As Christmas neared, Charlie wanted to do something for this lady who so patiently cared for her husband. We took a little basket, filled it with fruit and Charlie and Maggie took it to her door. She had no idea who they were but they hugged her, wished her a merry Christmas and got back in the car. We will probably never know what it meant to this elderly lady to have these two visit bearing a basket of fruit. The only thing I know is that we received the bigger blessing.

I want to live a life looking for random acts of kindness share with people. I think that sometimes my eyes and heart aren't sensitive enough to see. I hope that I will begin to see the needs around me and portray to others that there is something "different" about me.

Our church's website has a few random acts listed that might help me to open my eyes. These are:

Buy some fresh fruit and vegetables and place in a paper bag with a BBC (Biltmore Baptist Church)card. Find a neighbor at home and say you saw these, thought of them and give them the bag.

The next time you're at a restaurant leave an unexpectedly large tip with a BBC card.

Mow the grass for an elderly neighbor.

Bake cookies for someone.

You’re at the post office stamp machine. Buy more than you need, and turn around and give those stamps to the person behind you.

The next time you are at a fast food drive thru, pay for the person’s meal behind you and leave the clerk a BBC card.

Dining in at a restaurant, ask the waitress for the single-mom’s (across the room) ticket. Pay and leave the waitress a BBC card to give her.

Be creative and look for ways to show kindness toward one another. “In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” - – Matthew 5:16