Sunday, May 4, 2008

Twenty-one things I've loved about my second week in Brazil

1) Pao de Queijo for breakfast
2) Rice and Beans
3) Going to the hippie fair
4) Going to Meg's English class to talk to the children in English. They understood a lot.
5) Another massage
6) Josie's wonderful cooking
7) Josie's wonderful cleaning
8) Josie's wonderful clean laundry
9) Going to Central Market
10) Seeing the man again who sells the linens
11) Seeing the excitement of Meg, Duncan and Kate as they got their first-ever dog, "Camo"
12) Having Kate's smiling face greet me every morning as I woke up
13) Learning to cut glass, paint glass and make mosaics
14) Visiting the art school
15) Not having a flat tire (Demps loved that one too)
16) Going to the mall
17) Going to Tiradentes
18) Seeing Duncan and Kate's face as the train passed by ... they were thrilled to get to ride it
19) Seeing pewter made
20) Riding to the airport like clowns stuffed in a volkswagen
21) Hearing that Kate said, "I'm gonna miss those people"