Friday, August 8, 2008

Cinderella Is Still Dancing

For months, I have prayed for and read every word of any print that pertained to Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman and their family after the death of their precious adopted daughter, Maria Sue. What a wonderful blessing they have been to me but also what a testimony of God's amazing grace they are to a lost world. Today I have crying "hangover" from the tears shed last night watching Larry King Live. It was such a God-honoring and God-blessed interview. The Chapman's boldly proclaimed that without God, the interview would not be possible. Without God to sustain and hold them up these last months, it would not be possible to continue their music ministry. They admitted that their human side wants to shout out "why" but at the same time they have complete confidence that they will see Maria Sue again and that even now, she is dancing in praise to Jesus. It was quite obvious that Larry King "just doesn't get it." We all need to storm the gates of heaven for Larry King. He has had the saving gospel of Jesus Christ spoken many times on his show by James Dobson, Franklin Graham and now the Chapmans among others but He continues to wonder at how these families make it through after the heartache of the death of a child or other trials life may bring. He seemingly just doesn't get it.

If you didn't see the segment on the Chapmans Wednesday morning on GMA, you can view the YouTube video here. I will continue to pray for the Chapmans but will also remember to pray for those who don't know of the hope that sustains them.