Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One of Those Days

Today is just one of those days. I don't have them often but today is just one of those days. Maybe it's because it's raining or maybe it's because I drove to Slater this morning. Maybe it's because I thought about the "whoa, whoa, whoas" this morning as I had to drive in the inside lane of Geer Highway since the outside lane was knee deep with water. Maybe it's because I glanced out Webster Street as I passed by but today is just one of those days.

Today, I miss my mama and daddy. It doesn't happen as often anymore but when the days come, they come hard. I wish I could drive to Slater before I come to work and take Daddy a gravy biscuit. I wish I could drop him off at the barber shop to get his haircut. I'd like just one more time to hear those "whoa, whoa, whoas" as I meet an oncoming car or drive in the outside lane. I wish I could go to Bi-lo and pick up Mama's groceries. I'd like to go on Saturday morning to roll her hair. I'd like just one more day of making salmon patties and mashed potatoes. I'd love to pick up the phone and call her just to talk.

I know that Mama and Daddy are in heaven...with whole bodies, not hurting...feasting around the table of the Lord. I know if they could choose, they wouldn't choose to be back here. And truth be known, I wouldn't want them to be back in their hurting earthly bodies. But, that doesn't help my missing them. I'll miss them everyday until I meet them again. But today, I miss them and little more deeply...plain and simple longing in my heart for just one more time talking about nothing and everything; that's how it was with us.

I don't know what brings on these feelings/longings. I think it's different for each person who has lost a parent. They just come out of the blue, with no warning. If you have experienced such emotions, you understand. If you haven't experienced such...pick up the phone, go by to take a gravy biscuit or roll her hair. Talk about everything...and nothing. No matter how busy you are...time is short.