Thursday, July 30, 2009

Photos Coming Soon

WOW! Last night I went to World Market and Tim asked if I'd drop him off at Best Buy to look around. Well, of course, I would cause I could spend some leisure time in World Market checking out all the CLEARANCE aisles without being rushed. I looked around in WM, checked out all the CLEARANCE, bought a couple of things and went back to the car. I moved the car to the lot in front of Best Buy and called his cell to let him know I was out there. As I sat, I realized that it was taking him an awful long time in Best Buy so after bout 30 minutes, I phoned again. He said 2-3 minutes more :-(. I moved the car in front of the store since it was almost closing time and there weren't many cars in the lot. After about 10 minutes, here comes Tim carrying a huge Best Buy bag. He has wanted a surround sound system so that was my first thought; however, it didn't look like one looked like SEVERAL small boxes, not surround sound. He got in the car and I said, "what have you done?" He smiled the biggest smile and told me "happy anniversary" which is in November. He said, "what do you want most of all?" I still couldn't think and he said "Nikon!" I nearly went through the ceiling ecstatic. He'd bought a Nikon D60 camera, my dream camera. I've wanted one for years but never thought I could take the $$ to get one. WOW! I can't stop saying WOW! I am so excited. I'm sure my blog will be the recipient of the fruits of the Nikon, good or bad. WOW! I'm so excited. (can you tell I'm excited?)