Tuesday, July 14, 2009

True Story Tuesday

I have no idea if I'll get to play along every week with True Story Tuesday sponsored by Rachel and Mr. Daddy. I've been thinking for sometime that I would blog about my most embarassing moment and I suppose joining up with True Story Tuesday is as good a time as any.

A few months ago, my daughter wanted to look for some Croc sandals so we went to a shoe store that I knew sold them. I love going to Houser Shoes in Greenville so took this opportunity to window shop...and I mean window shop. I walked and walked around the store. There was a sweet teenage girl stocking the bottom shelves of several of the rows so I walked around her as she sat on the floor stocking. As I think back on it, her face was right about at the height of my derriere. Oh, I walked and walked those aisles and loved every second of it. In the meantime, daughter found several pairs of shoes that she liked and after I finished my looking, daughter paid for her purchases and we left. After we got in the car, we called husband and he asked us to meet him at our favorite meat and three place for supper. We drove to the restaurant, parked and as we walked into the restaurant, daughter said, "MOM!!! WAIT WAIT." I stopped dead in my tracks and she came up behind me saying, "MOM YOU HAVE TOILET PAPER HANGING FROM THE BACK OF YOUR PANTS!!!" Yes, I had walked around the shoe store with my derriere at the height of the young clerk's face and had toilet paper hanging from my rear. How embarrassing. I haven't been back to Houser Shoes since and often wonder if the clerk ever went back again. This is my true story (Tuesday) and I'm sticking to it.