Friday, October 16, 2009

I ♥ Faces

I have been a fan of the photography website I ♥ Faces for a few weeks. Being the novice that I am in Photoshop, I have loved Fridays when they give a photo for us to "fix" in a photo editing program. I have Adobe Photoshop CS4 and am just scratching the surface learning what it will do; however, I want to learn and am voraciously studying everything I can get my hands on to learn to do what I know PS CS4 will do.

Today, I ♥ Faces gave us a darling photo of a toddler in a tutu which looks beautiful simply because the little girl is so beautiful.

Honestly, I didn't know where to start except for adjusting the contrast a little to get some of the shadow off the left side of her face. Then I remembered the textures tutorials I had seen recently and decided that I would go with trying that on this toddler's photo.

My first attempt is to add a texture with some beautiful sparkly bokeh. It turned out somewhat presentable. What do you think?

The next one is a striped leaf texture. I am not crazy about this one but wanted to show it because after all, I am learning :-).

The last one I've worked on is probably my favorite because I've always loved the sepia tones or black and white with a spot of color. This one has a brown leather texture over it. What do you think?

Until next Friday, when I ♥ Faces does it again, let me know what you think of these. I realize they aren't professional but at least I'm trying and I won't get professional without at least that much.