Friday, November 20, 2009

It's an I Heart Faces Friday (again)

As has been my trend in the last few weeks, again, I've not gotten around to posting anything this week until now. What's up with that? I do love doing I ♥ Faces Friday Fix-it Photos. So here's my fix (in more ways than one) for this week.

The photo that I♥Faces gave us to work on this week is a beauty. What a cutie pie this little girl is. Here's the original.


My first fix was to crop the photo and then I took leaves from other sections in the photo to cover the over-exposed area in front. I also used The Pioneer Woman's "Bring on the Eyes" action to work on cutie pie's eyes a little and used Unsharp Mask to sharpen the photo a bit.


I absolutely love this photo as it is now but decided to do a couple more things to it. I opened an orangey texture and changed it to Soft Light at 100%. I added a layer mask to soften the orange lights on cutie pie. I added a little burn around the edges and here it is.


What a fun project to work on. Thanks I♥Faces for the fun. To see links to more fixes that others did, go to